Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not "Wild" wild, but very pretty!

D. W. Field Park spans a large north-south area around Brockton's northern border.

I haven't walked in D.W. FieldPark in a long time--shocking, considering how close I live to the Jewel of the city.  Today is incredibly warm and sunny, and my youngest son and I took the dogs there as an excuse to visit.

The park is paved in loops with lanes for both driving and pedestrians.

A low hill makes a perfect vantage.

The park is arranged around a series of ponds.

Stephen has both dogs so I can take a photo.

Golda and Linkin had a ball, except that every other dog owner in the city seemed to be there.
(Seeing another dog, Linkin especially becomes a dogicidal maniac.)

Park benches make nice places for contemplating the landscape.

A "lantern tree" (American beech).

I've been putting down D.W. FieldPark as I've lately emphasized Wild Places, forgetting how beautiful it is.  Although a designed landscape (inspired by Frederick Law Olmsted) which may be heading for a makeover, I would now call it fairly "naturalized," though of course it is still managed--witness the obvious black top, and slightly subtler marks of the chainsaw.

On the other hand, I am considering managing my own little Wild Place come spring, tearing out as much of the invasive English ivy, vinca, and European buckthorn as I can, along with a few of the smaller Norway maples (also invasive); and planting a few native trees like white pine.  I will be trading a bit of land compromised in one way, with land compromised in another, more tolerable, way.  Less wild, more "wilderness."

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