Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Short Paddle in Nippenicket Pond

Bought a new plastic kayak a few days ago to replace the one I stupidly lost.  This new one is a tiny thing: under eight feet long, 20 pounds over its capacity with just me, my feet crowded into the pointy bow.  It has no place to keep gear dry.  It's a little less stable than my lost ten-footer, as well.  But its chief virtue outweighs all these vices: it is so small and light that I can toss it into  the back of my little hatchback and go paddling almost as quick as thinking about it.  (Boaters learn that smallest, easiest boats are oftenest used, and therefore oftenest enjoyed.)  I think I will name her Toy Boat.

This morning was my first chance to get it wet, in Nippenicket Pond.  Here are a few scenes from my half-hour on the pretty pond.

Just by leaning back, I can put the back end of the little kayak almost underwater.

A mix of spring shades.

Spotting these leaves floating on the pond led me to the silver maple (Acer saccharinum)
that lost them.  I hadn't known of one on the pond.  All the winged fruits ("keys") floating in the water
had one of the two wings aborted, and I wonder if that is why the tree dropped them.

Fern fiddleheads growing right out of the water yards from shore.  I can't identify them yet.
But I'm pretty sure they aren't specifically "aquatic" ferns.  The cabin standing alone on the point
 in the background would be a romantic getaway--if it were in good shape.  --and if it had tight bug screens.

I saw these colors from a little distance, and paddled over just to capture it in a photo.

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