Saturday, November 15, 2014

Miniature Landscape

A street tree around the block from us was cut a few years ago.  The stump now hosts a verdant garden of mosses, fungi and lichens, and its elven beauty has captured my attention more than once.  With the leaves nearly all gone, I took a few minutes to capture some of its aspects, while trying not to stay long enough to draw the stares of passersby.

I will have to come back some time with a little tripod or something, so I can do this less haphazardly.

 Quite an ordinary-looking old stump, from a little distance.  (10/25)

These photos were taken October 25th.

The photos below were taken this morning--November 15th.

Another valley in the little kingdom.  (I thought about removing the fallen leaves 
to enhance the effect, but decided that was cheating.)  (11/29)

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