Saturday, February 28, 2015

Minor Mystery Solved

We have been shoveled out for over a week, but I don't feel entirely free, since I can't easily walk where I want to.  I haven't even had the dogs around the block but once--it's just too difficult with so many uncleared stretches of sidewalk.  And, of course, I can't even get all the way to the little woods behind the house.  (My attempt at quick-and-dirty snow shoes was not very successful.)

So my natural history observations these days are no farther from home than the backyard bird feeder, and--today--the driveway.   

Actually I did get out into the backyard today--my only such foray this week.  Stumping along through snow still knee-deep (after a week and more of settling and melting), I was struck by the intensity of blue sky, brightness of afternoon sun, and most of all by the singing of birds.

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