Monday, August 3, 2015

The Wild in an empty lot

To be fair, the abandoned parking lot (which served an eatery destroyed by a natural gas explosion seventeen years ago) is really a window on the scrubby little wood adjoining.  It was a little off my normal walking route until recently, when I realized it had quaking aspen as well as small hickories, walnuts, and ash-leaved maples.  Now I visit it every few days.

Here is two minutes of a breezy, bright late morning--today, in fact.  The quaking aspen is the easiest to spot, as its nearly-round leaves twist in the wind on their flattened leaf-stems.  At the end you see Golda, one of our two little dogs.  She doesn't like the heat and is ready to get out of the sun.

Roughly from left to right, you are looking at a gawky, misshapen Norway maple, a small black cherry, several quaking aspens, a biggish black or scarlet oak.  (At right are walnut, hickory and ash-leaved maple mostly too far away to pick out.)  At the end is a some kind of goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace.  The noise is mostly quaking aspen leaves slapping together in the wind.

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