Monday, January 18, 2016

Hockomock After Snow

I made a brief foray into Hockomock Swamp along the old railway embankment a few weeks ago, and that put it into my mind to see it this morning (MLK Day) in a new white coat.  Instead of going in from the south, this time I used the powerline right-of-way that crosses the embankment.  I hadn't been this way since last winter.  It was bright, not too windy, and not far below freezing: ideal winter hiking weather.  

 Entering from MA rt138, where it is part of the Massachusetts Bay Circuit Trail.

 An improbable sight so far into the swamp: could there have been
an Infinite Improbability Drive* in operation somewhere close?

Turning down the old railway embankment, then looking back at the crossroads.

Off the embankment & right-of-way the terrain is wet, with frequent standing water and streams.

The embankment interrupts water flow through this part of the swamp,
so it was built with culverts beneath it.  I like watching and listening here.

 Whatever made these tracks crossed the bank and then turned parallel to and within inches of the water below.  Short-tailed weasel fits the bill, maybe.  (Peterson Flash Guide: Animal Tracks)

*High-tech** interstellar propulsion system able to generate infinitely improbable events on demand--such as your spacecraft's infinitely improbable arrival elsewhere in the universe without having crossed the intervening space.  The operation of the drive creates locally improbable events as a side-effect.  (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams)

**Since superseded by the even cooler Bistromathic Drive.  (see above source)

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