Sunday, June 11, 2017

Backyard Field Trip

Almost the only "order" in our backyard is that which I impose on the vegetable garden.
(Tomato and dill sandwiches, you know.)

Some homeowners put time and money into fertilizers and poisons into a monotonous monoculture of lawn.  I prefer things wilder and more varied, a more complex living community.  It's also easier: let things be, and wildness results.  Except for occasional battles with the more invasive species--vinca, English ivy, Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard--I do almost nothing in the backyard except regard it with smug complaisance.

Just now, much of it is in flower, or very soon will be.  

I will be forced to mow soon, though: the dogs can't see where they are going, the oldest is worried about ticks, what will the neighbors think?, etc.  Before I do, I will memorialize my beautiful, luxurious backyard in a brief field trip.

A field trip among the plants that form my backyard "lawn" on a warm, sunny June 11.

A small-dog's-eye view of the backyard.

More about identification of grasses and grasses in flower.

 Most--but not all--of the grasses & grass-like plants that make up the lawn.

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