Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Sunrise from the grounds of Old Rochester Regional High School on March 10.

I've seen a few fabulous dawns these last few days--one positive effect of daylight savings time.  Where I had been watching the sun rise to shine in my eyes during my morning commute, now I watch it come up from school after I arrive.  

Arguments continue over whether DST kills or saves more lives, as well as its benefits to business, energy use, etc.

I am not by nature an early riser, and I have felt jet-lagged and tired all week, but I do like having light later in the day.  After a late day at school, I was able to walk a mile with the dogs in bright sunlight--first time in at least a month with all the snow we've had.  Good riddance, dark days of December and January. 

Having said that, I find it strange to have the sun reach its highest point more than an hour before noon.  I wouldn't mind simply agreeing to do everything an hour earlier, but it bugs me that the clock and sun are so misaligned. 

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