Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring 2

First the scientific stuff.  Flowering times this year are running about a week behind last year's, so far.  (About which more in a few days.)

Red maple bloomed on about April 15, and you can see its progress here from 4/21 to 4/25.

The black cherry that was still in bud on April 11 and 15th, began breaking its buds on the 17th and leaves are expanding on the 25th.

Silver maple finished flowering before April 18th, since most of the male flowers had dropped by then; the fruits are developing from the 21st to 25th, and leaves are emerging. 

The lovely sugar maple on the corner finally began bud break on about April 21st, and here its flowers open over a period of almost a week.  Binoculars show stamens out by the 25th, though they are not visible in the last photos. 

Norway maples were still in (swollen) bud on April 17th, but their buds began breaking on about the 21st, and flowers were open on my yard tree today, the 27th.

This oak (likely black oak) was still firmly in bud on April 8th, but these began breaking on the 21st, and the male catkins had begun to elongate by the 25th. 

A visit to my parents a few days ago shows progress there.

 My parents' yard in Rhode Island has tuliptrees (Liriodendron tulipifera)
among natives,and resident aliens forsythia and magnolia. 

Finally, a walk around the high school grounds today, April 27th.

 Oak, probably black oak.

 Possibly crabapple; something in the Rose family, in any event.

To multiflora rose, among the first to leaf out and last to drop leaves, I 
grant the status of Honorary Native.
 The male red maple flowers have shrivelling stamens, so their end is near.

 Another crabapple.

 This lovely shrub, silverberry (Eleagnus umbellata) early puts forth leaves
covered with silvery and highly-reflective scales.  Flower buds are also visible.

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