Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's time...

The main reason I hadn't mowed the front yard was that I simply hadn't been around.  Truth be told, though, I've long preferred the wild look, not having either the inclination nor the discipline to maintain the manicured, sterile living-astroturf of our fussier neighbors.

Nevertheless, it seems churlish to lower our friend's property values without need.  But I feel bad winding that engine to life at just the time all that Kentucky bluegrass is vigorously flowering and making whoopy.

"Before" photos.  I didn't
have the heart for "afters."
Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis).  Species of Poa can be recognized
by their "boat-shaped leaf tips."

On the other hand, I assert that my neighbors get no say in my back yard--a Wild Place in its own right that boasts several species of grasses as well as at least two sedges, a fern, and other plants in wild profusion.  Who knows? Without the excuse of needing a place to play croquet, I may not mow it this year!

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