Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spring 4a

Five of the trees I follow have been changing all through June.

Black Oak with acorns begun last season and maturing this season (on woody twig), and tiny new acorns in their first year (on green twig).  (Both second and first years occur in the 1st & 3rd photos.)

River birch with expanding leaves and maturing fruits on May 30th, maturing leaves and fruits on June 5th, and shedding and shed, winged seeds on June 16th (3), and the "spikes" remaining after seed drop. plus a portrait, on the 19th (2).

White pine with male cones nearly ready on May 23, and just beginning to shed pollen on the 30th. Spent male cones and young female cones (hanging from branches right of middle) on June 5th (2); and shed male cones and growing female cones on the 16th (3).

The sugar maple on the corner still had its rather meager stock of samaras on June 13th.  By the 16th (2) many had fallen.  Fewer were visible on the 19th (3) and 22nd (2).

 Basswood finally flowers.  Flowers beginning to open on the 13th, huge bud mortality shown by fallen bracts, but remaining flowers in full bloom on the 16th (3), and 19th (3).  Finally, on the 22nd, two trees nearer to home finally began to bloom (2).

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