Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Hockomock Christmas

Just a short mid-afternoon walk, mainly along the powerline right-of-way.  Besides those animal signs mentioned below, I saw tracks of deer and of racoon.  I was happy to see no sign of recent heavy equipment use, like that which had worried me a year ago March, and a few days earlier.  The light was getting a little too low for good photos, unlike earlier winter walks.

 Bird, probably tufted titmouse, brought down by a predator.
I saw signs like these in three different places.

Frozen swamp.

American beech holds its leaves long after they die.

I was quite proud of myself that I walked almost a mile of the right-of-way without breaking any ice.  There was little sign I had passed.

I was pleased to see that even the local 4-wheeler crowd tried to avoid the ice.

 Mole?  Very long snout catches my attention.  Not much sign of foul play.

High tension tower was a gathering place for birds--about a thousand.  Why this tower?  No idea.  The nearby wooden towers were empty, as were the other steel towers. Consensus?  Attraction to the birds already there by chance?  Food sources?

Sun has nearly set.

My Christmas message.


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