Monday, April 28, 2014

April 24th: Spring 6

I took these days ago, but was too busy to look at them.  This is where we are four days after the last post.

The red maple I've been watching for Nature's Notebook shows the transition from flower to fruit.
The petals of the flowers still show red, but the red-and-green winged fruits are now far bigger than the flowers they are growing from.

The Norway maple in the back yard (another Nature's Notebook tree) is just blooming.  In this case of this tree, leaves are emerging together with the flowers; while red maples keep flowers separate.

Sugar maples have also begun to flower.  This is one of several sugar maples around the block from me.

This maple is a puzzle: the flowers are perfect, like those of Norway maple, 
but the red is suspicious.  Perhaps it is a cultivar.

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