Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring 5: Happy Easter!

Yup, I found time to check up on Spring even Easter weekend--the dogs need to walk, anyway.

Although nothing seems to be happening with the red maple flowers after a week of blooming, if you look closely you can see the tiny green "wings" just peeking out from the petals.  These will grow and mature into the winged seeds by which maples give their offspring a fighting chance at survival--carried out of the shade of the mother tree by the wind.  

Meanwhile, here is progress in some other species.  

Andromeda is an ornamental shrub of Japanese origin.

Vinca is my nemesis--but it does have pretty flowers, curse it!

 Paper birch is fairly uncommon around here; a native, but a more northern tree.
This beautiful big tree is in a suburban yard.  The dangling catkins bear flowers preparing to open. 

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