Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring 2 A Blustery Day

It rained today, a blustery day.  I took these during a lull in the rain, though not the wind.  All are around the high school grounds. 

 Roses by the pond are leafing out, well-ahead of any trees I've seen.

Yesterday's alder catkins are draggled in today's rain.

The swamp behind the school has a nice tangle of  willow.

Silverberry is an exotic, and sometimes borders on invasive, but I have to admit I like it anyway.
The silvery mature foliage and berries make it look as if painted with a delicate brush.

White pine leaves last two years; it wears its year-old leaves through the winter, 
and buds new leaves in spring.  This tree's leaf buds aren't ready to break yet.

Hairy cap moss, looking like miniature trees, stays green year-round, giving it a head-start in spring.

A lot of the action in spring goes unnoticed because you'd have to look down.
This milfoil (aka yarrow) will produce large clusters of white flowers in summer.

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